Monday, 12 December 2011

Coming Soon...New Years Games..Tactic Sessions..Fluff etc!

Hey all,

The Battle Brother Mike posting here. I'd just like to say that we finally posted our FIRST youtube video..not expecting much just trying to get our name on the webs. This is the first of much more to come.

We are planning a few game ideas include a New Years Eve night which we will lead in to abit about our fluff from past New Year's Eve games. The rivalries that we started (Space Wolves vs Tau for example or Eldar vs Blood Angels). We are also starting to get a good rivalry with Orks (my newest project) and Imperial Fists. I might throw in the tournament list from the summer with my Ravenwing as well. Be sure to tune in!

We will also be putting up other 500 Point matches. Some between Tau and Orks but I also want to try afew other ideas.

Another thing we want to start posting is a 40K talk period where Andy and myself sit down and talk about everything from tactics to fluff. Small sessions where others can ask questions and even be a part of our convo (podcast). The idea is to eventually make our blog big enough where people can join us online and talk 40k live!

For now we will be posting a lot of battle reports..painting tips..tactic videos until we get afew more readers. At that point we will try making a live session.

As for tonight, its off to read a codex for a bit. Thanks for the read!

-Battle Brother Mike  


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pics of the Dual Wing

We will be putting up a youtube video (our first!) in the upcoming week hopefully. I will update the blog and post a link soon... enjoy!

                                                                        Bike Squad
                                                                   Dread Ready for a Fight!
                                                                     Headless Termies
                                                              On the way to the tournament

Pretty much all stages we went thru ... bases pics to come as well (awesome job Jawabawls on the resin!)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Doubles Tournament Results

Hey Mike and Andy from the hotel still... So after the tournament today (which was 3 games each) we went on to win the *best painted army* award, which is a bonus. Our goal was to go in have a decent army and play fluff. We wanted to win 1 game which we did. Overall it was a great tourny to be apart of. Awesome people and a good time. Lots of custom missions which was fun (and evil..baneblade moving along the table and shooting at stuff every turn >.>).

From the hotel, Mike and Andy..out for abit..long drive home tomorrow >.<

Friday, 29 July 2011

Doubles tournament weekend

Hey hey... Mike again here. So it's early Friday morning. We leave in an hour or so. We made it finished at 2 am last night.

We decided that a video of our progress would be better sine we kept a blog of videos. This is much easier than posting a bunch of pics to blogs we have already done. So we will mash about 5 videos together showing our progress over the week plus a video I am making right after this post. Also another video on the road.

We will be driving 7 hours across Ontario Canada to get to this tournament. It is a full Saturday but since we are going far, we decided to stay 2 nights and make a weekend out of it.

Anyways! I need to get a coffee in me and pack..etc. So acquick morning video and masing them all together when we get back home.

Probably another blog to come from the hotel... Out for now

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

3 Days to go..

Mike writing here, today's going to be a busy one as we prepare for a doubles 40k tourney this weekend. The goal is to get the bases painted...assembly line style! After that, Sammael will be my next task as he is about 75 percent done.

If there is still time ( which I hope there is...), painting the rest of my bikes would be the next goal.

As for Andy, while he is waiting for his death wing termies to dry he will get the brown base paint on the bases so we can start on them asap.

For real this time, the camera won't be forgotten at my house! Lots of action today if it gets done we should have an easier road to be ready for the tournament on Saturday.

Out for now!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Doubles Tournament in 8 Days ..and Counting

With only 8 days left until our 2500 point tourny, we both have everything assembled and just under half painted. Andy and I both took the full week off to finish our dual wing army in time. We will be driving 7 hours to the tournament.

Continuous updates to the blog this week as we prepare and jam in all the painting and game testing.

Updates to follow. New camera so pics to come as well.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welcome all, Sammael Grand Master of the Ravenwing

Firstly, we would both like to welcome everyone to our Warhammer 40k blog. My name is Mike currently preparing for a 40k doubles tournament at the end of July with my buddy Andy. We chose to make a dual wing army each at 1250 points. I will be doing the Ravenwing since I played a jet bike Eldar list when I first started 40k.

Today, I am building Sammael the Grand Master of the Ravenwing who is a 16 piece metal kit (damn you GW!). With metal pieces remember to wash with soap and warm water to remove the releasing compound off your miniature.

If you are having a tough time gluing, scratch the surface of the model where you will be gluing to help bond these pieces together.

Pictures to follow since I can't upload ATM.

Thanks for reading.