Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welcome all, Sammael Grand Master of the Ravenwing

Firstly, we would both like to welcome everyone to our Warhammer 40k blog. My name is Mike currently preparing for a 40k doubles tournament at the end of July with my buddy Andy. We chose to make a dual wing army each at 1250 points. I will be doing the Ravenwing since I played a jet bike Eldar list when I first started 40k.

Today, I am building Sammael the Grand Master of the Ravenwing who is a 16 piece metal kit (damn you GW!). With metal pieces remember to wash with soap and warm water to remove the releasing compound off your miniature.

If you are having a tough time gluing, scratch the surface of the model where you will be gluing to help bond these pieces together.

Pictures to follow since I can't upload ATM.

Thanks for reading.

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