Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Blood Angels Assault Squad Work's in progress

Hey Guy's

        I know I haven't been very active on lately on the blog but thats because I was in the process of packing and moving into my new home. Anyway I decided to throw up some eye candy on some of my Blood Angel models. These are pretty much all work in progress but the Thunderhammer guy is roughly 90% done.  

Captain of the 2nd Company 

                                            and then the others are just regular assault marines

If you guys have any pointers or criticism leave a comment. Just keep in mind these are just work in progress. I'm currently re-inventing my style with my airbrush so these might not make the cut. However as always FOR THE EMPEROR AND SANGUINIUS! Argeros out.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ravenwing 1250 Point List

I've already posted a few battle reports with my Ravenwing and I figured I would post the list that I've been playing at the 1250 point level.

I guess the first question might be "Why 1250 and not a 2k list like everyone else?" We decided to play at a 1250 tournment this past summer. Before that, we played 1500 to 2000 points all the time. We realized after the tourny that we could really do 1250 point battles to test certain units and get a more precise end result of that unit. How? By playing smaller battles you tend to focus and rely a lot more on all your units rather than in a larger game. 

So the list itself is pretty basic. 

Sammael= 205
-standard bearer=25
Total= 230

Attack Bike Squad = 120
+3 Bikes = 100
Sergeant pwr fist= 25
meltas (x2)= 20
Attack Bike w/ multimelta= 50
Total = 315

Attack Bike Squad = 120
+3 Bikes = 100
Sergeant pwr fist= 25
Flamers (x2)= 10
Apothecary= 15
Attack Bike w/ multimelta= 50
Total = 320

Attack Bike Squad = 120
Sergeant w/plasma pistol=15
    -melta bombs= 5
Melta guns (x2)= 20
Total= 160

Fast Attack
Landspeeders (x3) = 195
-Multimeltas (x3)= FREE!!
-Typhoon Missiles (x3)= 30
Total= 225
Grand Total= 1250

I will post again on how I play the above list.
Thanks for the Read!