Friday, 30 November 2012

Crimson Fists 1000 Point List

Hey All,

So we are doing another doubles tournament in February. My list is the Crimson Fists and Argeros will be running the Imperial Fists.

Below is my 1000 points that I will be bringing.

-Artificer Armour  

Command Squad:              
-plasma guns (x3)                
-melta bomb (x4)                 
-power fist (x1)                   
-flamer (x1)                            

Tactical Squad 1:
-+5 marines        
-Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad 2:
-+5 marines        
-Missile Launcher

-+5 Sternguard     
-Hvy Bolters (x2) 
-Pwr Fist (x2)       

Grand Total: 1000 Points

More blogging to be done very soon!



Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Blood Angels Assault Squad Work's in progress

Hey Guy's

        I know I haven't been very active on lately on the blog but thats because I was in the process of packing and moving into my new home. Anyway I decided to throw up some eye candy on some of my Blood Angel models. These are pretty much all work in progress but the Thunderhammer guy is roughly 90% done.  

Captain of the 2nd Company 

                                            and then the others are just regular assault marines

If you guys have any pointers or criticism leave a comment. Just keep in mind these are just work in progress. I'm currently re-inventing my style with my airbrush so these might not make the cut. However as always FOR THE EMPEROR AND SANGUINIUS! Argeros out.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ravenwing 1250 Point List

I've already posted a few battle reports with my Ravenwing and I figured I would post the list that I've been playing at the 1250 point level.

I guess the first question might be "Why 1250 and not a 2k list like everyone else?" We decided to play at a 1250 tournment this past summer. Before that, we played 1500 to 2000 points all the time. We realized after the tourny that we could really do 1250 point battles to test certain units and get a more precise end result of that unit. How? By playing smaller battles you tend to focus and rely a lot more on all your units rather than in a larger game. 

So the list itself is pretty basic. 

Sammael= 205
-standard bearer=25
Total= 230

Attack Bike Squad = 120
+3 Bikes = 100
Sergeant pwr fist= 25
meltas (x2)= 20
Attack Bike w/ multimelta= 50
Total = 315

Attack Bike Squad = 120
+3 Bikes = 100
Sergeant pwr fist= 25
Flamers (x2)= 10
Apothecary= 15
Attack Bike w/ multimelta= 50
Total = 320

Attack Bike Squad = 120
Sergeant w/plasma pistol=15
    -melta bombs= 5
Melta guns (x2)= 20
Total= 160

Fast Attack
Landspeeders (x3) = 195
-Multimeltas (x3)= FREE!!
-Typhoon Missiles (x3)= 30
Total= 225
Grand Total= 1250

I will post again on how I play the above list.
Thanks for the Read!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ravenwing VS Eldar .. Reloaded!

Hey All,

So Andy played the Eldar again while I continued to play my Ravenwing. The mission was annihilation with deployment being Dawn of war. We both did a full deploy. I won the roll off and gave Andy first turn. I then seized it back after we deployed.

Turn 1 I turbo everything towards the center except for Sammael and my Speeders. Andy manages to take down a few bikes after I make some terrible save rolls. The start of some very bad rolling to come...

Turn 2 I shoot... and I do absolutely NOTHING lol. No speeder missiles do any vehicle damage and my melta's do nothing. I'm in some serious trouble at this point so I atleast assault the Eldar Seer Council in desperation. We tie combat 1-1.  Then Andy's goes to work. Takes out more bikes finishing off a squad to take a 1-0 lead.

Turn 3 I finally catch a break I unload and immobilize 2 of his 4 vehicles and they are also unable to shoot this turn. Then I catch a huge break as my bike squad wins the assault vs the Seer Council. Running his Farseer keeping him within 6 inches of my bikes. He would later roll off the table. Andy desperatly tries to shoot me down but then Ravenwing ends up gaining the lead 2-1.

On turn 4, I move my bikes in for the kill as I destroy his Fireprism and Waveserpant taking the 4-2 lead. Andy has a crazy plan to pull off an Eldar win no matter how unlikely it is!  He shoots down a Speeder to make it 4-3 and Bladestorms with all his might! It isn't enough firepower against T5. He shoots his firedragons into my other bike squad... nothing happens. We call it game since he can't shoot next turn. A 4-3 win for the Ravenwing. Another GG with usual.

Coming up I will be posting a little more about the Ravenwing along with some more pics. I'm currently thinking of some painting ideas which I will be doing prior to posting new pics.

The Battle Brother...out for now! :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ravenwing VS Eldar Battle Report

The battle was 1250 points vs Andy. He played an Eldar list while I played my Ravenwing. The mission was Capture and Control with the deployment being Pitched Battle.

I was given first turn after Andy won the roll off. Since he was playing a Mech / seer council Eldar list, I knew I had to get my anti- tank shots on him so I decided to put out Sammael and my Landspeeders during deployment and reserve my melta Bike squads for outflank.

First turn, I failed and I really REALLY didn't need that to happen. ALL my speeders missed the multi-melta shots along with 2/3 of my missiles. Luckily I stopped one of his Fireprisms from shooting. Eldar shoot back, unloading the pain as 2 of my 3 speeders die but Sammael! made 4 crazy saves of 4 up on the shots fired from Andy's Dark Reapers ( x4 6s!).

Turn 2 my small melta squad storms in on the left hand side right where I need it as I assault his Fireprism (thank god for melta bombs on my Serg!). I then assault the Seer council with Sammael holding them until the bottom of the 6th turn! Andy shoots back into my bike squad but they don't go down.

Turn 3 had another Bike squad come in on the left but Andy managed to pump out 2 of the bikes. I then turbo'd them behind cover near my own base on turn 4. More bad news though, my bike final bike squad comes in on the far table ledge leaving me to turbo all the way acrros for the rest of the game to contest.

Turn 5 Andy desperately tries to take down my bike squad on my base by bladestorming. But I'm toughness 5! Look out! He then assaults and loses running back behind his wave serpant. Game goes on and on turn 6 I turbo my far bike squad again towards his base as he finally kills Sammael in the assault with his Seer Council. We both contest my base.

So I know I need turn 7 to contest his.. and I get it I turbo onto his base. The game ends in a tie.. What a battle! Right to the end.

GG Andy! I'll get you next time >.>.

Cheers All,


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

B.B and his Ravenwing


We have slowed down on blogging but I will be posting up new topics much more often. I recently had a gaming addiction that couldn't go unnoticed :p....Don't judge me...

First off, I love quick armies. I started 40k with a semi jetbike / mech Eldar army and haven't really looked back. There's nothing like a Seer Council flying down the table to distract your enemy why you pick them apart with your other stuff. I'm getting off topic.

The Ravenwing was an army made for a doubles tourny that I just keep pulling out and wanting to play after the tourny was finished. I mean, there are some very good pros to it if played correctly. It's fast.. it can outflank (always a fun surprise for the opponent), T5 until in assault and it has marine stats.

It is however relatively expensive points wise leading to much less on the table. But hey! Coming from the Eldar point totals I'm used to I won't complain! Another downfall, you have a chance that a squad or 2 won't outflank where you want but rolling dice can always lead to bad things for your opponent as well.

Since Mech is a standard (for now anyways) you gotta roll out with some "melta goodness". I like to keep a flamer bike squad near my melta bike squad to take out any threat after a vehicle is destroyed. I do not want to assault if I don't have to (you do not want to lose that T5 in assault and you want that firepower from the bikes next turn). 

All in all, I love this army (as much as Eldar? .. I won't answer that yet :p). 

Opening up the topic, what do you think the Ravenwing or even just the Dark Angels will see with 6th Ed. looming on?

Thanks for the read.