Monday, 12 December 2011

Coming Soon...New Years Games..Tactic Sessions..Fluff etc!

Hey all,

The Battle Brother Mike posting here. I'd just like to say that we finally posted our FIRST youtube video..not expecting much just trying to get our name on the webs. This is the first of much more to come.

We are planning a few game ideas include a New Years Eve night which we will lead in to abit about our fluff from past New Year's Eve games. The rivalries that we started (Space Wolves vs Tau for example or Eldar vs Blood Angels). We are also starting to get a good rivalry with Orks (my newest project) and Imperial Fists. I might throw in the tournament list from the summer with my Ravenwing as well. Be sure to tune in!

We will also be putting up other 500 Point matches. Some between Tau and Orks but I also want to try afew other ideas.

Another thing we want to start posting is a 40K talk period where Andy and myself sit down and talk about everything from tactics to fluff. Small sessions where others can ask questions and even be a part of our convo (podcast). The idea is to eventually make our blog big enough where people can join us online and talk 40k live!

For now we will be posting a lot of battle reports..painting tips..tactic videos until we get afew more readers. At that point we will try making a live session.

As for tonight, its off to read a codex for a bit. Thanks for the read!

-Battle Brother Mike  


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