Tuesday, 10 April 2012

B.B and his Ravenwing


We have slowed down on blogging but I will be posting up new topics much more often. I recently had a gaming addiction that couldn't go unnoticed :p....Don't judge me...

First off, I love quick armies. I started 40k with a semi jetbike / mech Eldar army and haven't really looked back. There's nothing like a Seer Council flying down the table to distract your enemy why you pick them apart with your other stuff. I'm getting off topic.

The Ravenwing was an army made for a doubles tourny that I just keep pulling out and wanting to play after the tourny was finished. I mean, there are some very good pros to it if played correctly. It's fast.. it can outflank (always a fun surprise for the opponent), T5 until in assault and it has marine stats.

It is however relatively expensive points wise leading to much less on the table. But hey! Coming from the Eldar point totals I'm used to I won't complain! Another downfall, you have a chance that a squad or 2 won't outflank where you want but rolling dice can always lead to bad things for your opponent as well.

Since Mech is a standard (for now anyways) you gotta roll out with some "melta goodness". I like to keep a flamer bike squad near my melta bike squad to take out any threat after a vehicle is destroyed. I do not want to assault if I don't have to (you do not want to lose that T5 in assault and you want that firepower from the bikes next turn). 

All in all, I love this army (as much as Eldar? .. I won't answer that yet :p). 

Opening up the topic, what do you think the Ravenwing or even just the Dark Angels will see with 6th Ed. looming on?

Thanks for the read.

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