Friday, 30 November 2012

Crimson Fists 1000 Point List

Hey All,

So we are doing another doubles tournament in February. My list is the Crimson Fists and Argeros will be running the Imperial Fists.

Below is my 1000 points that I will be bringing.

-Artificer Armour  

Command Squad:              
-plasma guns (x3)                
-melta bomb (x4)                 
-power fist (x1)                   
-flamer (x1)                            

Tactical Squad 1:
-+5 marines        
-Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad 2:
-+5 marines        
-Missile Launcher

-+5 Sternguard     
-Hvy Bolters (x2) 
-Pwr Fist (x2)       

Grand Total: 1000 Points

More blogging to be done very soon!



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