Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ravenwing VS Eldar Battle Report

The battle was 1250 points vs Andy. He played an Eldar list while I played my Ravenwing. The mission was Capture and Control with the deployment being Pitched Battle.

I was given first turn after Andy won the roll off. Since he was playing a Mech / seer council Eldar list, I knew I had to get my anti- tank shots on him so I decided to put out Sammael and my Landspeeders during deployment and reserve my melta Bike squads for outflank.

First turn, I failed and I really REALLY didn't need that to happen. ALL my speeders missed the multi-melta shots along with 2/3 of my missiles. Luckily I stopped one of his Fireprisms from shooting. Eldar shoot back, unloading the pain as 2 of my 3 speeders die but Sammael! made 4 crazy saves of 4 up on the shots fired from Andy's Dark Reapers ( x4 6s!).

Turn 2 my small melta squad storms in on the left hand side right where I need it as I assault his Fireprism (thank god for melta bombs on my Serg!). I then assault the Seer council with Sammael holding them until the bottom of the 6th turn! Andy shoots back into my bike squad but they don't go down.

Turn 3 had another Bike squad come in on the left but Andy managed to pump out 2 of the bikes. I then turbo'd them behind cover near my own base on turn 4. More bad news though, my bike final bike squad comes in on the far table ledge leaving me to turbo all the way acrros for the rest of the game to contest.

Turn 5 Andy desperately tries to take down my bike squad on my base by bladestorming. But I'm toughness 5! Look out! He then assaults and loses running back behind his wave serpant. Game goes on and on turn 6 I turbo my far bike squad again towards his base as he finally kills Sammael in the assault with his Seer Council. We both contest my base.

So I know I need turn 7 to contest his.. and I get it I turbo onto his base. The game ends in a tie.. What a battle! Right to the end.

GG Andy! I'll get you next time >.>.

Cheers All,


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