Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ravenwing VS Eldar .. Reloaded!

Hey All,

So Andy played the Eldar again while I continued to play my Ravenwing. The mission was annihilation with deployment being Dawn of war. We both did a full deploy. I won the roll off and gave Andy first turn. I then seized it back after we deployed.

Turn 1 I turbo everything towards the center except for Sammael and my Speeders. Andy manages to take down a few bikes after I make some terrible save rolls. The start of some very bad rolling to come...

Turn 2 I shoot... and I do absolutely NOTHING lol. No speeder missiles do any vehicle damage and my melta's do nothing. I'm in some serious trouble at this point so I atleast assault the Eldar Seer Council in desperation. We tie combat 1-1.  Then Andy's goes to work. Takes out more bikes finishing off a squad to take a 1-0 lead.

Turn 3 I finally catch a break I unload and immobilize 2 of his 4 vehicles and they are also unable to shoot this turn. Then I catch a huge break as my bike squad wins the assault vs the Seer Council. Running his Farseer keeping him within 6 inches of my bikes. He would later roll off the table. Andy desperatly tries to shoot me down but then Ravenwing ends up gaining the lead 2-1.

On turn 4, I move my bikes in for the kill as I destroy his Fireprism and Waveserpant taking the 4-2 lead. Andy has a crazy plan to pull off an Eldar win no matter how unlikely it is!  He shoots down a Speeder to make it 4-3 and Bladestorms with all his might! It isn't enough firepower against T5. He shoots his firedragons into my other bike squad... nothing happens. We call it game since he can't shoot next turn. A 4-3 win for the Ravenwing. Another GG with usual.

Coming up I will be posting a little more about the Ravenwing along with some more pics. I'm currently thinking of some painting ideas which I will be doing prior to posting new pics.

The Battle Brother...out for now! :)

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